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Taylor Hill’s Workout and Diet Tips – Rachael Attard


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show happens each year and every time, I find myself getting more and more excited.

Even though they are genetically blessed, these girls still work very hard to get and maintain their looks. And what’s even more admirable, they do it by leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. It’s great to get inspiration from their workouts and their confidence on the runway! 

One of the models I absolutely love is . And recently, she has been posting a LOT of her pre-Victoria Secret fashion show workouts on Instagram, and her hard work definitely paid off. She is looking more amazing than ever!

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Taylor Hill’s Workout and Diet Tips

Taylor takes a few different approaches to health and wellness than many of the Victoria Secret Angels and we’re going to take a look at just how she keeps her great figure.

Taylor’s Diet

Taylor doesn’t follow a super calorie-restrictive diet like many other models. Instead, she focuses on eating real food. Yes, that means carbs! As long as they’re , that is.

She incorporates lean protein, fresh vegetables, sprouted grains, sweet potatoes, and even rice!

The purpose of her diet is to keep her body fueled up and ready to handle the intense workouts she enjoys most.

The key to keeping her figure without constantly cutting calories is enjoying her favourite foods in moderation. 

And she does have a cheat day from time to time!

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Taylor’s Workout Routine

Taylor’s workouts are focused on strength training.

She works her entire body, focusing on using lighter weights, longer repetitions and HIIT style moves. This helps build lean muscle and strength without causing too much bulk.

What Her Exercise Routine Looks Like

Taylor enjoys spending a lot of time in the gym, making use of the equipment as much as possible. During gym sessions, she uses free weights and resistance bands to build strength

When working with a personal trainer, she often hops on the machines and focuses on building muscle with standard exercises.

Cardio can be tough for everyone and Taylor is no exception. She doesn’t love cardio but she knows it’s good for her body. Here’s a video of her on a treadmill. You can do it, girl! 🙂

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Before the show, her workout changes a bit both in routine and intensity.

The Pre-Show Workout Routine

Leading up to a major fashion event or show, Taylor starts training harder. Before the 2017 Victoria Secret Show, she was working with Lauren Duhamel. This year, before the 2018 Victoria Secret Show, she was working with Kristina Forest.

Workouts with Lauren

When she trains with Lauren, the focus is on muscle isolation and building tone.

They accomplish this by working with light free weights or using . Each session combines slow movements with increased repetitions to target specific areas while maintaining perfect form.

This helps isolate different muscle groups and shifts the focus of the session from building muscle to building strength. Remember, you can be strong without being bulky. You can read more about it here.

Workouts with Kristina

Her sessions with Kristina are often even more hard-core.

During these workouts, Taylor focuses on keeping her heart rate up and moving from one movement to the next in quick succession to burn lots of calories. Kristina coaches her through each exercise and keeps her motivated to continue pushing herself to her limit.

These workouts combine strength training and cardio into one intense circuit. But since Taylor needs to stay slim and lean, Kristina runs her through the workout with resistance bands, exercise balls, and bodyweight exercises instead of relying only on traditional dumbbells and barbells. 

This helps Taylor build lean and functional strength without worrying about bulking up excessively. For example, she does  which build core strength and improve balance.

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Taylor Hill’s Abs and Butt Workouts

To get those fantastic abs and to strengthen her core, especially right before the show, she often uses a stability ball. She challenges her abs and butt by doing planks and glute bridges.

Here’s a video of her preparing for the Victoria’s Secret Show. I mean, just look at this girl! This is hard work, ladies.

And if you’re interested in more workouts that will get you abs like Taylor’s, I have a similar workout routine here.

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Words of Caution

Everyone’s body is different and that means what works for Taylor may not be the right choice for you. It all comes down to . Some body types put on muscle and bulk more easily than others.

This means that super intense and heavy workouts may help you build strength, but they could also cause your shoulders, back, chest, and legs to bulk up. So if your goal is to get lean, those exercises may not be the best choice.

However, if you have a body type that’s similar to Taylor’s where it’s difficult for you to gain muscle, then these workouts might be absolutely perfect for you! 

Some Exercises You Can Try

It’s easy to assume you should just jump on the treadmill, but there are other ways to keep your heart rate up just like Taylor does.

Is Taylor’s Routine Right for You?

Just because Taylor can indulge in carbs and incorporate hardcore workouts into her workout routine without bulking up doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same results. The best place to start is with a workout that’s designed for YOUR goals and your body type.

And if you still have doubts about choosing the right fitness program for you, I wrote a whole blog post about it. You can find it here.

Let me know what you think about Taylor’s workout routine in the comments section! Would you try it?

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I have written separate blog posts on lower body, upper body and ab workout routines that the Victoria’s Secret models use (with lots of cool workout videos!). Also, I have done a post on their diet. And for this year’s show, I’ve done blog posts for a couple of VS gorgeous models. You can read these blog posts below!

And if you like these type of workouts, I have some workouts for you here.


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