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Keto Diet for Beginners plus Keto Diet Food List! ·



If you have been following along here on my website or on my YouTube Channel, you know that I am LOVING the KETO DIET not only for weight loss but also how it makes me feel overall!

The most frequently asked question when someone is beginning the Keto Diet is what foods can you eat on the Keto Diet and what is not allowed.  It is really a simple process if you don’t overthink things.  I am able to make delicious Keto friendly meals that my family enjoys and I do not feel deprived at all!

Keep in mind that for now, I am doing what they call “Lazy Keto” which means that I am keeping my carb count below 25 grams per day, I eat a moderate amount of protein and I eat a high (natural) fat diet.  In other words, I am not eating any bread, rice, pasta or sugar in any form but I am eating bacon, meats, seafood and non starchy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and lots of salads.  I eat full fat dressings like Ranch and Ceasar and I use full fat Mayonnaise.  An average day for me would be two eggs and bacon in the morning, a salad with ranch, cheese and ham for lunch and a hamburger fully loaded (no bread) and broccoli for dinner.  It has been super easy so far and I have lost 24 lbs in 9 weeks and feel better than I have felt in YEARS!

I have created a PRINTABLE KETO FOOD LIST HERE for those of you that are interested in starting the Keto Diet or wanting to investigate it a little further.  This list is just a starting point and does not include all foods that are allowed but it will give you a great place to start.

How do you start the Keto Diet?  You just do it!  Start out by removing Bread, Pasta, Rice and Sugar from your diet and replace it with GOOD REAL FOOD and take one step at a time!

I have been documenting my journey from week one on youtube and here on my website.  Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Here and lets talk about things and share our journeys with each other!


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