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Diet For Human Beings | A Gluten Free Paleo Diet Video

The Diet For Human Beings will help you change your life.

Transform your life with great food!

A proven way to improve digestive symptoms

Constipation                               Poor Skin                                    Chronic Infections                    Pain

Diarrhea                                      Weight Gain                               Insomnia                                  Allergies

Gas and Bloating                        High Triglycerides                      Anxiety                                     Fatigue

My clients have success with these and other symptoms when they eat The Diet For Human Beings. These hearty and satisfying foods require no fasting, no hunger and no calorie counting. Eat the foods your body is built to eat and the body will begin to feel better!

I’ll explain what foods to eliminate (and why) and what foods you need to include such as saturated fat from healthy animals and coconuts. Humans have always eaten saturated fats – at least until we were told to stop eating them about 50 years ago.

You can quickly achieve health benefits including weight loss (if you need it), reduction in pain and inflammation, and better, more stable energy.

Lower your triglycerides and glucose too!

And you can do this while eating great food that won’t leave you hungry!

Sound good?

Let me share with you my 25 years eating this way and teaching clients how to feel better. This diet changed my life…. actually, it saved my life.  And you can do it too!

This is the only Paleo Diet video on the market. 

The Diet For Human Beings is my version of The Paleo Diet, and it’s how I ask my clients to eat. I made this video for my clients, but you can watch it too!  In just 70 minutes, you’ll understand the importance of insulin (and why we don’t want too much of it), why cholesterol is good for us, and why Humans never ate starchy grains and sugars before.

You don’t have to read the Paleo Diet books.  Watch the DVD a few minutes a day and take your time to understand it…

What’s in the Video?  What’s the “BIG IDEA” all about?

There are 11 chapters titled “What’s the Big Idea?”  While you’re watching, pick a few to share with friends or family. 

Maybe for your Mom: “What’s the Big Idea #2?  Fat Is Good!

For your overweight friend:  “What’s the Big Idea #5?  Insulin Is Scary!

Or for your cookie monster at home:  “The Big Idea #6?  The Trouble With Grains…

And perhaps for you:  “The Big Idea #8?  Give Me Some Good Carbs“.  This will explain why certain carbohydrates like vegetables are unlimited while others are in moderation.

There’s a list of all chapter summaries just below. Open that link and see all my topics!

Watch the Free Preview

So what is The Diet For Human Beings?

Every species has its optimal way of eating, whether it’s a Buffalo, a Wolf, or a Cricket.

The Diet For Human Beings is the way Humans are built to eat, a diet similar to the Paleo Diet, also known as an Ancestral Diet.  I explain how humans ate before agriculture and the domestication of animals, and why our digestive systems prefer animal proteins, fats and fresh plants.

In fact, we evolved eating fish and animals of all kinds along with their fats and organs.  Our big brains evolved on these foods, along with plenty of vegetables and non-processed fresh food.

Humans were never meant to eat grass seeds such as modern hybridized wheat, rice and corn.  

We’re not Grazers; we’re Hunters!

Birds, sea creatures, game, fresh plants, coconuts, seeds, fruits and eggs – these are the foods our Brains, Immune Systems, and Digestive Systems need to function well. In this professionally filmed, 70 minute DVD, I explain why modern grains and starchy carbohydrates damage our intestines and cause obesity, Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel, and auto-immune disorders.

Discover the 11 Big Ideas for Better Health by Eating the Diet for Human Beings. Click here to read the chapter highlights.

Big Idea #1: Eat Like A Human Being

We are not vegetarians. When we begin to eat, our stomachs release hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid’s purpose is to digest animal protein and kill bacteria in the food. Our entire physiology is built around eating animals. Grazing animals such as deer digest differently and are suited for grass, weeds and fibrous plants.

Big Idea #2: Fats Are Good

Humans evolved with a preference for saturated fat as fuel. It’s the most satisfying of all foods. As hunter gatherers, our bodies would store fat for energy until the next successful hunt. But we have a backup system where we MAKE fat out of any extra glucose or starch. Carbohydrate-heavy diets with bread, pasta, soda, fries, etc. make more fat than we need and we often store it around our waistlines This type of fat is dangerous to us. We make large amounts of cholesterol which is used to make hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, progesterone.

Big Idea #3: We Hate Sugar!

Foods that are high calorie and low in nutrient dense proteins and fats trigger a damaging glucose-insulin cycle. Insulin cycling causes inflammation which many doctors say is the cause of most modern illness. Fruits, vegetables, honey and sugar are unreliable food sources and are too low in calories for us to rely on them as the major food source during evolution. We ate plants and proteins.

Big Idea #4: Reboot the System

Since the Agricultural Revolution, we have added huge amounts of grains, sugar, sodas and bread to our diet. This shift causes our bodies to burn starch (glucose) for fuel rather than the natural process of burning fat for fuel. For better health, reboot your body from the glucose burning system to the fat burning default system. The body WANTS to do this.

Big Idea #5: Insulin Is Scary!

Insulin is a master hormone regulating all hormones in the body. Any hormonal problem can be due to an imbalance in the insulin-glucose cycle. Insulin carries nutrients and escorts them into the cells so we need SOME insulin. But if we eat excess sugars or starches we make excess insulin. We become insulin-resistant and store glucose as fat. This fat accumulates on the organs in the mid-body, becoming one of the main predictors of death from all causes. We call it Metabolic Syndrome and it is fully reversible.

Big Idea #6: The Trouble With Grains

Grains are the seeds of grass. Wheat, rye, oats, corn and rice are grass seeds. Seeds are not very digestible to humans but are to animals who evolved to graze on them. Seeds are coated with toxic anti-nutrients that protect the seed from being digested if eaten. Of all the grains, rice is the least damaging to the lining of the intestines. Gluten, such as wheat, rye, barley, and oats, is damaging and is strongly implicated in Leaky Gut Syndrome and autoimmunity. The Agricultural Revolution of the 1960’s hybridized grain, making it cheaper to grow and use. The hybridization of grain affected all grain, including organic, and made modern grains inflammatory.

Big Idea #7: Beans and Potatoes Too?

Beans are seeds too! Legumes are very high in lectins. Long soaking and partial sprouting can help detoxify phytic acid. Beans are high in carbs and difficult to digest. Soybean particularly should be avoided as soy is a hormone modulator – it takes over your hormones! The only acceptable soy is gluten-free fermented Tamari. Potatoes are a high starch/high carb food and are a member of the Nightshade family of foods, linked to inflammation and other health concerns.

Big Idea #8: Give Me Some Good Carbs!

Vegetables provide our best source of carbohydrate. The recommended amount to eat is 8 cups a day. The carbs in nuts and seeds are okay in moderation. The same goes for fruit. Eat some, but not too much. Both vegetables and fruit provide all the carbohydrates we need.

Big Idea #9: Fat Is Not The Problem!

Our bodies need the rich fats found in animal fat and organs, coconuts, and coconut oil. The best source of animal fat comes from healthy pastured-grazed animals, not feedlot animals. For cooking, use ghee (clarified butter), non-hydrogenated lard, tallow, bacon fat or coconut oil. If you can tolerate dairy, use butter. Canned coconut milk is a staple in The Diet For Human Beings. Do not use vegetable oils or highly processed hydrogenated oils, such as canola, corn, soy or peanut. Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil or Avocado oil are okay.

Big Idea #10: What About Dairy?

Dairy affects all of us differently. I suggest stopping all dairy but ghee and discover for yourself how you react to dairy added back later. MANY health symptoms can clear quickly by stopping milk and ice cream. Motivate yourself to do the full diet! Try The Diet for Human Beings 30 DAYS to see the greatest results!

Big Idea #11: So What Do I Eat?

On The Diet for Human Beings, you eat nutrient dense food from three main food groups: proteins, fats, and healthy carbohydrates. Every meal is a balanced meal with all three food groups represented and plenty of non-starchy veggies. Adding herbs, spices and condiments add variety and taste. Get 30 to 50% of your calories from the allowed fats. Get rid of white table salt and replace with Himalayan Salt, a tasty and important mineral source. For beverages? Pure spring water or reverse-osmosis filtered water or some herbal tea is the best choice.

Is the Paleo Diet gluten free?

Yes, when we stop eating grains and choose more vegetables, protein and fat, we’re automatically stopping wheat and the other gluten grains. There’s more to Gluten Free than not eating wheat flour.  Over time you’ll want to look at labels of body-care products, make-up, and packaged foods of all kinds to look for wheat or gluten.

Get ready to change your life with this Paleo Diet DVD!

Watch it with your friends and family so they’ll understand why sugars and starch are off the menu!  If you’re already eating Paleo, this will encourage them to try it too.  Without reading any books…

If you’re new to low-starch/low-sugar eating, you’ll be inspired and informed – and ready to eat the Diet for Human Beings. It’s not hard. I explain what to do, why and how to do it.  AND, how to customize the diet for each person’s needs.

If you wish to offer this in your clinic to help clients learn Paleo, please contact me for pricing.

Want Reviews?  Here’s a “Thumbs Up” review from the Weston A. Price magazine!  More reviews below….

Buy The Diet for Human Being

The Experts Agree, This Is The Diet for Humans

Here’s a “Thumbs Up” review from the Weston A. Price magazine!

From Caitlin Weeks, the Grass Fed Girl

Raving Reviews for This Diet
I Love this DVD!
Wow! I always knew there was something in my diet that was causing my health problems. I took the 30 day challenge discussed in the DVD and not only regained my health, but I lost weight in the process. My mind is clearer and I feel great. Thank you Beverly Meyer!!  5 stars
Packed with Lots of Good Nutrition Insights

Beverly Meyer is a whirlwind of information and experience. She has been in the natural healing arts for several decades, both as a patient and as a healer.  Beverly has created the only DVD that I am aware of discussing a whole food diet with a primal/ancestral bias. It’s called “The Diet for Human Beings.” 5 stars
Beverly Meyer is a whirlwind of information and experience. She has been in the natural healing arts for several decades, both as a patient and as a healer.  Beverly has created the only DVD that I am aware of discussing a whole food diet with a primal/ancestral bias. It’s called “The Diet for Human Beings.” 5 stars
Listen to the podcasts

If you aren’t sure about buying this, listen to a couple of Beverly’s podcasts (free on iTunes) first. The Human Diet is life-changing.5 stars
If you aren’t sure about buying this, listen to a couple of Beverly’s podcasts (free on iTunes) first. The Human Diet is life-changing.5 stars
Nicely paced so you can stop and think

This video has review slides that come up every 3 minutes or so. I watch with my family and we can decide if we really understood everything just said or should we go back a bit to review. Nice to watch over several days rather than all at once. There’s lots of good info here! 5 stars
This video has review slides that come up every 3 minutes or so. I watch with my family and we can decide if we really understood everything just said or should we go back a bit to review. Nice to watch over several days rather than all at once. There’s lots of good info here! 5 stars
What is Paleo? Isn’t it primarily meat, like The Atkins Diet?
Paleo (and The Diet for Human Beings) emphasize vegetables, proteins and fats with moderate fruit or starchy carbs. Organic vegetables, pasture-grazed and wild proteins, fats from quality sources with fewer processed foods and sugars. Atkins did not make that distinction and it was extremely limited in vegetables. Shopping, cooking and eating this way is a lifestyle, not a “diet.”
Can’t I get Paleo cookbooks and the recipes will show me what to eat?
Recipes do not explain why you’re making certain choices. They don’t teach you how to shop or order in a restaurant. Different books emphasize different things that may not be balanced. For example, there are lots of “paleo” desserts books.
Books take too much time. Is this an easier way to learn?
Absolutely! Watch the video on your computer, phone, tablet, or TV over several days if you like.
Will this help me explain why I’m eating this way?. My friends think I’m on a gluten-free fad diet.
Watch the video and understand WHY humans evolved with a certain diet, just like any other animal that has its own best diet. Once you learn why, you can better explain why it works naturally for a lifetime. Or watch the video with them or give it as a present.
Why is it called the Diet for Human Beings?
All humans have the same digestive system and evolved eating in a certain manner, no matter what part of the globe we’re from. We never ate grasses and grass seed like an herbivore does
Will it help me be healthier overall?
This diet is especially good for autoimmune issues, blood sugar, mood swings, gluten free diets, anxiety and Irritable Bowel. The key to The Diet For Human Beings is to modify it for your particular needs. Maybe omit the eggs and tubers. Maybe add more fat. Do the basic template, then experiment!
Will I lose weight?
Yes, if you need to. More importantly, your body composition and shape will change. Excess belly weight and bloating may reduce quickly for example. You may need to work on other health issues as well, such as hormonal imbalances.
Will I be hungry like other diets?
This is not a weight loss diet. There are plenty of fats and proteins and lots of filling vegetables. You won’t be hungry!   Examples of meals: organic sausage and eggs with guacamole for breakfast; wild salmon and blueberries on a big salad for lunch; lots of sauteed veggies with some baked chicken for dinner.
I’ve thought of going gluten free. Will this video help me?
The Diet for Human Beings and Paleo are grain free, so it’s “beyond gluten-free.” Avoid processed gluten-free foods such as GF cookies and tortillas. They’re high in carbs and usually contain Omega-6 vegetable oils and food additives
I’m scared of fats because of my high cholesterol and triglycerides  . Isn’t fat bad?
We’ve been taught that saturated animal fats and coconut oil are bad. But it’s the commercial vegetable oils that are dangerous. We ate coconuts, animals and animal fat throughout history, but never canola, soy or peanut oil. I’ll explain which fats to eat and which to avoid, and why.
I have a lot of pain as well as bowel problems. Will this help?
The Diet for Human Beings is an anti-inflammatory diet, and highly digestible. Most people have less pain and reduced bloating and gas. Bowels improve, whether you currently have loose stools or constipation. There may be other work to do to heal your intestines, but this is the perfect place to start.
Will my diabetes or high triglycerides improve?
Many clients show a dramatic decrease in triglycerides in a very short time and have had their medications reduced or eliminated. Diabetes and triglycerides are related to high carbohydrate eating and Insulin surges. The Diet for Human Beings will change that and allow more protein and fats to stop sugar cravings and hunger. Fix the problem rather than medicate the symptom!
How is this different from Paleo that others teach?  What IS The Diet for Human Beings?
There are many versions of “Paleo.” Some allow “healthy sugars” with lots of sweet potatoes and fruit. Some versions are very high fat. The Diet for Human Beings is more balanced. Carbohydrates should come from vegetables and smaller amounts of tubers or starchy squash and fruit. Some versions of Paleo suggest 75% of your calories as fat but that’s not balanced. The Diet for Human Beings is the way humans are built to eat, what we evolved eating, therefore, the foods we require most.
Who is Beverly and why did she film this?
Beverly is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a lifetime of health issues. She has been in practice 30 years helping herself and clients with many types of concerns, using Food First, lifestyle changes, and supplements. The DVD was originally designed to give to clients and those who cannot see Beverly in person.
How long is the video and what’s the best way to watch?
The video is 70 minutes with 12 chapters, divided every few minutes with slides. Pause on every slide to stop, read and think. Ask yourself, “Did I understand everything just said?” If not, repeat that section, several times if needed. Watch it over several days, not all at once. You can download the video file to watch on your computer, you can use the online streaming option to watch directly on your phone or on your web browser, or you can get the DVD shipped to your home and watch in your living room.
Are there reviews?
Yes, see the current video page for reviews from Grass Fed Girl, the Weston Price Foundation and several viewers. There also are reviews on Amazon.

Buy The Diet for Human Being and Educate Yourself


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