Ten Unconventional Diet Tips

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It can be really frustrating when you’re on a diet or trying to eat healthier. Often times, you feel deprived or missing out on the greater and better part of your life. Those on diet can have their cake and eat it too, just not much. See, dieting is not all-evil, it can be fun too. Here are a few tricks to make losing weight helluva fun and easy.

Do it With a Friend
Try asking someone to go on a diet with you. It could be your friend, your spouse or someone you work with. Not only will it bring you both closer but the presence of the other person can automatically give you support and motivation to keep going on when you feel like giving up.

Try Dessert
Give yourself small rewards for small victories. Going straight for a week never cheating deserves some small form of recognition. A tiny slice of cake is safe enough. Taste a little and take it slow. Know your limits and stop after a small taste.

Take Your Fifteen Minutes
A lot of people do not take their 15-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon. Time wasted when you could have used it exercising by going on a walk or something. That’s already 30 minutes light workout, just to get you off your buttocks.

Fill Up Your Fridge
And I don’t mean with bags of junks, gallons of ice cream and layers of cake. Fill it with healthy selections so you won’t be tempted to go out for fast foods or pizza, both loaded with carb and calories. Stock up on fruits and vegetables of all kinds. When you get hungry, you can munch on carrot sticks or celery stalks.

Eat Your Carbohydrates
I’m not referring to the two choices above, fast foods and pizza. Eat whole grain which are complex carbohydrates and are tasty, filling and high in fiber, as opposed to food with added simple carbohydrates.

Write Down How You Feel
Keep a journal of what you’ve eaten throughout the day for a week. Specify everything down to the portion and time of the day. Include how you’re feeling as well. You’ll later see a pattern of what you’re eating and also discover what mood usually triggers eating for you. It could be that when you’re anxious you tend to snack a lot, or eat when bored at night.

Taste and Enjoy Your Food
You’re not on an eating contest so eat mindfully. Take small bites and savor the taste and texture of the food. Appreciate the taste of the food by taking some time between each bite. Don’t be careless on what and how much you eat by rushing through the process.

Eat When You are Hungry
Don’t eat just for the sake of eating. That’s just gluttony. Eating when you’re hungry goes along with stocking up on healthy foods. Don’t wait until you’re so hungry you could eat a whole cow. Starving yourself can lead to your body storing fat. Munch on healthy snacks, this will lead to you eating less impulsively and more strategically.

Reward Yourself
This is a bit different with the trying the dessert tip. When you make strides in your diet, reward yourself with something meaningful or something you want. So it could be buying a new dress or something even less trivial like going to the beach for the weekend. Try coming up with a reward system that’ll help keep you motivated.

Use Technology
Make use of the digital conveniences. You can sign up on websites that help track what you’re eating. Or you can download an application on your phone with diet tips as well as set automatic reminders on your calendar with eating tips. Be creative and explore all technology can offer to stick to your program.

Small things matter. That’s what these tips are trying to tell you. Don’t dismiss a day of neglect of your diet as just that – a day. Because a day indulging in calories and carbs is like wasting your weeks of effort. So, stay true and mind your diet. Try to incorporate these tips to your weight loss program and it’ll do wonders for you.

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