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Progress Pic! 3 months, 30 lbs


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NSV – actually find my weight loss for the first time

I started my weight loss journey 3 months ago. I have had a really hard time considering any progress even though the scale of assessments was moving. Today a friend recommended I put on an attire I had a picture of me wearing from before and so I did and when I appeared in the mirror all I could do was cry! This after picture is a bit emotional so if that’s not your thing I am sorry! I just wanted to share my success with people who get it< 3

I started my journey first with Happy Coffee. A friend had tried it and was having such great results that I decided I would devote it a shot. I blended happy coffee with the Keto diet and I have just shed so much more than I ever guessed I could. I maintain my meals simple. I have coffee in the mornings with heavy cream and stevia. That keeps me full for hours now, since I have become fat adapted. I will have an afternoon snack of some kind. Something lighting. Last week I did English cucumbers stuffed with chive/ herbed cream cheese one day and baby buzzer peppers stuffed with goat cheese and topped with bacon another. They probably took at most 15 minutes to throw together. I keep cauliflower rice in my freezer for easy dinners and usually construct regular rice to appease my tiny humans. Sometimes its hard to say no. And I don’t always! But today I insure a difference. Today I am proud of myself!

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