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Lost 58kg in 10 months


Sup` 🙂

So I` ll write a little bit down here about my past and what` s my current` status `.

I` m a 19 yr old guy and I` ve been overweight for most of my life, and for the past 8-9 years( haven` t truly kept any tabs) I` ve been morbidly obese.

In june 2018 I went to a nutritionist and we talked about my past for a bit, my eating habits etc. and he pretty much made me a new diet. Well, it` s not really a diet, it` s more of a lifestyle now. He weighed me and there I was, fully unaware of what my body was going through, sitting at 179.9 kg( virtually 400 lbs ).

Next morning I started everything from 0, incorporating my new eating habits into my life. First week pass and I went for another weigh-in and I lost almost 5kg, and I was like “Holy ****, if I knew it would be so easy, I would have been slim as a toothpick by now.”.

After that, week after week we would find each other and the weight would keep going down, like drastically. First month -~ 10 kg. Second -~ 15 -2 0kg etc. It was so easy and I started feeling like a new man, even if I was still morbidly obese.

Right now I` m sitting at 122 kg( 260 -2 70 lbs, don` t actually know ), and in a few days it` ll be the 10 month` aniversary` since I started my new life. I` ve never been so confident in my life, never been so outgoing, so social, so involved in so many activities all at once! I feel great, even though I still have to scrap a few kg here and there. My objective is to reach the 90` s mark. I` m 1,83 m tall( like 6ft) and I feel like when I` ll reaching 90 -9 5kg, along with the gym workout and my intention to practice BJJ, I` ll be in the best shape that I` ve ever been.

This has been my story so far, and the expressed the view that motivated me to go through all of this is “I` m gonna be the same person in a different body”. Feel free to share your stories and we` ll chat about stuff 🙂

https :// imgur.com/ 0CCcFfX

P.S – Sorry if I made any mistakes, english is not my native language.

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