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Grilled Avocado Toast: The New Power Breakfast


Avocados have long been deemed powerfully healthy nourishment, earning a place as the super food of choice for many. Popular dishes like guacamole and Cobb Salad are an easy way to incorporate the delectable fruit into any diet( yes, avocados are technically a fruit !). But a trend has taken hold: avocado for breakfast!

Avocado toast( also known as the avocado tartine) was bear in Los Angeles, and has become the new power breakfast. To take it up a notch, Steven’s recipe for Avocado Chile Tartines includes 3/4 -inch thick slicings of grilled bread that bring out the best flavors in the sliced avocado.

This is a perfect dish for hosting Sunday Brunch around your grill, or for a super food boost when you need a mid-week breakfast. Depending on your consolation level with hot, we recommend adding a peppers on top–some people like to fire it up with chili powder, cayenne, or Espelette pepper, but Steven prefers it with fresh serrano chiles.


And be sure to check out Steven’s book PROJECT FIRE for more recipes like it.

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