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What do we need to eat in order to live a long and healthy life? World-leading researcher in longevity, Professor Valter Longo, shares his views on diet and nutrition in this week’s episode. We discuss high protein diets, ketogenic diets and the concept of a low carb diet. Valter believes that we have over-simplified nutrition by looking at macronutrients in isolation- carbohydrates, fats and proteins- but in actual fact, we need all of these in our diets. And just as there are’ good’ fats and’ bad’ fats- some that we should be feeing more of and others less of, the same is true of carbohydrates.

Finally, Valter talks about fasting and his novel approach to research whereby he takes ancient knowledge and wisdom and marries it up with the latest science. This is the approach he used when formulating the fasting mimicking diet( FMD ), a five-day scheme that causes the body to go into fasting mode. Valter talks about the amazing benefits the diet- such as reducing visceral fat and abdominal fat. Although it hasn’t been proven in humen yet, it has been shown to reduce fatty liver, insulin resistance and even improve some autoimmune conditions in mouse. This is a really eye-opening conversation- I hope you loved it!

DISCLAIMER: Dr Chatterjee accepts no responsibility for anyone deciding to undertake the Fasting Mimicking Diet( ProLon ). Please read all the disclaimers on the ProLon website- they state that ProLon is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any cancer. Also, that it should not be used to treat either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Eventually, please pay close attention to the’ Is ProLon Right For Me’ section of the ProLon website if you wish to undertake the diet.

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