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My Diet Tips :)



I also forgot to mention: STOP weighing yourself! The numbers on a scale are meaningless. Go off how you look/feel. Dont set target weights etc
Also get PLENTTYYY of sleep! Not sleeping slows down your metabolism a lot. I gain about 3-4 pounds a day I dont sleep. CRAZZYYNESS

Being active is SO important. The more muscle you have the faster your metabolism is and the more calories youll burn doing day to day things.

I am the only girl in my entire immediate family that is a healthy weight, so this is something I am very passoinate about. But that doesnt mean I dont indulge in the occasional french fries, soda, candy etc!

Also, STARVATION does NOT work. Either youre going to stop at one point and gain all your weight back, or youll become incredibly sick and possibly die. So yea. Just be smart. Theres no quick fix-it to your health and weight

PS Please remember that my weight/body type may not be whats right for you. Find something that is appropriate for your age, height and lifestyle. Bodies are not a one type fit all kind of thing.