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These Neon Pink Mystery Bowls Will Make You Want To Ditch Your Acai


Its hard to find a snack thats both healthyand insanely Instagram-able.

Lets face it: Theres no way in hell a shitty kale salad can compare to the deliciousness of a glorious burger oozing with mac and cheese or a mesmerizing milkshake smothered in every treat known to mankind.

Unfortunately, these Instagram-worthy foods also happen to be downright terrible for you.

However, we just stumbled upon a new eye-catching snack that surprisingly wont sabotage your diet.

Feast your eyes on the almighty pitaya bowl.

Thats right. Theres a new smoothie bowl taking juice shops by storm

and these electric-pink eatsare giving acai bowls a serious run for their money.

Plus, it doesnt hurt that these things are a hell of a lot easier to pronounce, either.

If youre wondering what a pitaya bowl is exactly, its basically just a bowl of blended dragon fruit.

You know, those crazy, hot pink fruits that looklike something from outer space?

Aside from being photogenic AF, youll be glad to know these sweet snacks are also pretty good for you

since dragon fruit is relatively low in sugar and packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and probiotics.

People have been posting photos of their magenta meals all over Instagram lately.

And so far, weve seen everything from star-studded bowls

And smoothies sprinkled with super seeds

to some artfully arranged snacks thatlook downright unbelieva-bowl.

If youre looking to swap out your acai for a swoon-worthy pitaya bowl

You can top your pitaya with tropical fruits

Put your pitaya in a pineapple

Spruce up your smoothie with some strawberries

Give your bowl an island-approved makeover

Sweeten up your snack with some cocoa nibs

or pile on some extra dragon fruit for good measure.

The pitaya bowl possibilities are pretty much endless

so theres a bowl out there thats sure to put a smile on your face.

Seriously, these things are so good, theyll drive you bananas.

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